Trade Discount Available - WATCHES NOW ON SALE LIMITED TIME !!

Trade Discount - Do you qualify ?

Did you know if your a watchmaker or a professional in the field of horology you may qualify for a trade discount here at WWP ?

We know that sometimes the cost of repairs can be expensive and some of that cost can come from the parts we need to buy, whether it is new stock or new old stock everything is rising in price. So from today we are going to be rolling out a discount for those of you who work as professionals in the field of horology.

To qualify you will need to email us with proof of trade and after some simple checks we will provide you with a discount code which can be used as often as required. 

There will be some rules and all discounts can be subject to change or removal without notice. Discount codes are not offered to hobby repairers or one time users, trade only ! 


Minimum Order - £25

Save up to 12%

Discount does not apply to sale of Watches

Discount codes can not and must not be shared !!

Discounts do not apply to shipping rates.


So if you are in the trade and wish to apply for your discount code then feel free to get in touch today ! Email @