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JW Benson - Cyma - Calibre 938a - Movement Spares-Welwyn Watch Parts

JW Benson - Cyma - Calibre 938a - Movement Spares

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JW Benson - Cyma - Calibre 938a - Movement Spares

Condition - NOS - Removed from broken down unused watch movements. The parts from these movements came from movements that never reached full production, whilst NOS there are some marks from the long term storage including some signs of being expose to heat ( bluing ). All parts have been through a pro cleaner at least once but may require further clean up prior to use.

JW Benson Model Variant but parts will fit standard versions.

Stem is Negative Set = American Market Version

These parts are rare to find, even more rare in unused condition !!

Calibre 938a/938/939

Photos show examples of the parts supplied.