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Miller's Wristwatches - How to Compare & Value - Book /USED

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Miller's Wristwatches - How to Compare & Value - Book /USED

Condition - Used with some stains and marks but a great read !

Man has always valued time, but now the wristwatch is coveted as much for style reasons as for practicality. As a result, there are opportunities for collectors at every level, from watches worth a few hundred pounds to those reaching half a million. This is a growing collecting area, particularly for men, with many auctions and dealers fuelling the market. After looking at developments in watchmaking decade by decade, the book features nearly 50 colour two-page spreads in which pairs of related objects are analyzed, compared and evaluated, with the object of answering the question of why one item is more valuable than the other. The factors involved may be age, authenticity, rarity, maker, material, marks, lack of defects, later additions or restoration. Over 120 wristwatches are featured from a range of manufacturers such as Rolex, Omega, Cartier, International Watch Company and Jaeger Le Coultre, as well as popular collecting areas such as military watches. Also included is an illustrated section on fakes and replicas and how to spot them.

Photo of actual book.